Inclusion’ is a piece of facial ‘jewellery’. Reminiscent of a scold’s bridle, it binds the woman’s whole face. It is adorned with girly beaded lettering spelling the words that replace ‘woman’ and ‘women’ in contemporary society, e.g., ‘cervix haver’. The ball gag comprises the names of those following (enabling) the ‘Terfs out of Art’ twitter account, who made it their aim to end women, lesbian, and feminist’s careers.

All of these euphemisms for ‘woman’ are taken from real-world texts I have come across recently: cervix havers, black birthing bodies, bleeders, menstruators, pregnant people, womb carrier, womb havers, uterus haver, chest feeder, birthing people, people who bleed, uterus holders, people with vaginas, vulva owners, birth givers

6 thoughts on “Inclusion

  1. What a powerful piece! Instant impact – says absolutely everything, totally visceral. Please never stop making art!

  2. Would you be willing to make a print of this?

    My stomach dropped the moment I saw it. I cannot imagine an image that more perfectly captures the feeling I get when I see an “inclusive phrase” where the word woman or women or girl or breast should be.

    1. Hi Rosa – I hadn’t at all thought of doing prints, but of course this is a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion. I will get some made up. Were you thinking something like an A4 size to put in a frame, or just a postcard?

      1. I am hoping you could make a large print, one I can have framed and hung. Could you do an A2 and if so, what would be the cost? I am in NYC are you in the UK?

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